Eisenach – the center of Germany.
And right in the middle of it: Suites MITTE.

your hotel in the center of Eisenach

From here, it is easy to explore the many opportunities the city has to offer on foot; or to start trips into the surrounding country. Bakeries, cafes or restaurants in the immediate vicinity offer great food. The shopping mile, supermarkets and service providers are only two minutes away and many of Eisenach’s sights, as well as Karlsplatz and Markt squares are also within walking distance.

accommodation in the middle of Eisenacher –
very quiet among the city center

You can find relaxation in the close-by city park and in the magnificent Kartausgarten Park. For kids, there is an indoor climbing facility just around the corner or one of the many playgrounds. Suites MITTE is also the ideal starting point for city tours, for exploring the villa district and for bicycle tours or hikes on the famous Rennsteig trail. You can enjoy a quiet stay right in the middle of our lively and friendly city and also enjoy short distances. With its geographical location, Eisenach is the perfect starting point for day trips into the Thuringian Forest with the Rennsteig trail or the Inselsberg mountain, to the classic cities of Gotha, Erfurt and Weimar or to many other attractive destinations in this beautiful region.

Indoor-climbing-park: 1 Minute
Fitness-Studio: 3 Minuten
City park: 4 Minuten
Playground: 5 Minuten
Solarium: 5 Minuten
Cinema: 6 Minuten
Kartausgarten: 7 Minuten
Tennis courts: 25 Minuten
Bowling alley: 25 Minuten
Station of Wartburg-donkeys: 25 Minuten
Open air bath: 30 Minuten
Sauna in the aquaplex: 30 Minuten
Schmales Haus: 1 Minute
Karlsplatz, Nikolaikirche und Lutherdenkmal: 3 Minuten
Lutherhaus: 4 Minuten
Bachhaus und Bachdenkmal: 4 Minuten
Theater am Markt: 4 Minuten
Georgenkirche: 5 Minuten
Villenvirtel: 5 Minuten
Thüringer Museum im Stadtschloss: 5 Minuten
Markt: 5 Minuten
Landestheater Eisenach: 6 Minuten
Thüringer Museum Predigerkirche: 7 Minuten
Elisabethkirche: 7 Minuten
Martin-Luther-Gymnasium: 8 Minuten
Reuter-Wagner-Museum: 11 Minuten
Automobile Welt Eisenach: 13 Minuten
Kleinkunstbühne Katharinenschule: 16 Minuten
Jazzmuseum: 20 Minuten
Burschenschaftsdenkmal: 24 Minuten
Wartburg: 35 Minuten
Trattoria La Grappa – Ristorante and wine pub: 1 Minute
Baron – wine bar and restaurant: 4 Minuten
Michelangelo – Restaurant and pizzeria: 4 Minuten
Valentino – Restaurant and pizzeria: 4 Minuten
The totally crazy potatoe house: 5 Minuten
Residenzkeller – Restaurant and bar: 5 Minuten
Turmschänke – wine restaurant: 5 Minuten
Zwinger – Restaurant and beer cellar: 5 Minuten
Alte Schule – Café, grill and bar: 6 Minuten
Delphi – greek restaurant: 6 Minuten
Augustiner Bräu – special pub: 8 Minuten
Storchenturm – Restaurant with beer garden: 10 Minuten
Trattoria Da Vinci – Restaurant and pizzeria: 20 Minuten
Wartburg – Restaurant and café: 35 Minuten
Sängerwiese – hiking and forrest-restaurant: 45 Minuten
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Thüringer Blechkuchenhaus: 1 Minute
Café Lackner: 2 Minuten
Onkel Karl: 3 Minuten
Konditorei & Café Brüheim: 3 Minuten
Zucker & Zimer Café-Restaurant: 5 Minuten
Eismanufaktur: 5 Minuten
Café Toccata: 5 Minuten
Café Moritz: 5 Minuten
Café Fiore di Lucania: 5 Minuten


Corner’s Club 54: 2 Minuten
Weinwirtschaft: 4 Minuten
Klappertopf: 5 Minuten
Kleinkunstkneipe Schorschl: 8 Minuten
Irish Pub O-Tooles: 8 Minuten
cash dispenser and bank: 1 Minute
bakery: 1 Minute
Supermarket: 1 Minute
Laundry: 1 Minute
Department store: 1 Minute
Pharmacy: 1 Minute
Shopping street: 2 Minuten
Bike rental outlet: 3 Minuten
Market square: 5 Minuten
Tourist-Information: 5 Minuten
City park: 4 Minuten
Kartausgarten: 7 Minuten
Luthererlebnispfad: 8 Minuten
Drachenschlucht: 35 Minuten
Thüringer Wald: 35 Minuten
Rennsteig: 1 Stunde, 15 Minuten
Bus station: 8 Minuten
Railway station: 9 Minuten
Taxi: 9 Minuten